Strawberry Sundae inspired breakfast – under 100 calories! 

Who likes strawberry sundaes for breakfast? – I do! 

Who likes caring about their health? – Oh wait, that would be me too! 

Who is obsessed with making dessert for breakfast? Yep, of course only me! 

After a total sleepless night (my baby has decided to never sleep again since the past 3 nights) I reaaaally needed something to sweeten up my day! A quick simple tasty sweet breakfast, delicious and under 100 calories! 
My ‘Strawberry Sundae‘.

  • 100 grams of 0% fat cottage cheese 60 calories 
  • 2 medium strawberries – 6 calories 
  • 1 teaspoon of honey30 calories 

T O T A L = 96 calories! 

Double, triple the amount if you’re hungrier because it’s just that guilt free!! 

* I also added a pinch of oats to mine for some texture! 


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