Welcome to Monday, would you like Sugar, Cream or Valium in your coffee? 

E V E R Y O N E  I know hates Monday’s. I don’t hate Mondays. I love Monday’s. You want to know why? 

M O N D A Y is the first day of the week, a brand new & shiny week. A fresh start, a new beginning, a day to start something new. A chance to start all over again. We all slip up, whether it’s a gym regime, diet plan, work load, a family situation, some days and some weeks & some months it just doesn’t work out. Nevertheless that should not stop us from trying. 

T H E R E F O R E to me Monday is a day to pick yourself up, start all over again. Forget the failures of last week, embrace the achievements, start again, persevere and do what you do best. Be You.  

Monday is a ‘S T A R T I N G  P O I N T’ a nearer starting point for a fresh start, who cares if every Monday is a fresh start (it is for me) all that matters is that you get to your final destination. You only get 52 Chances a year! 

O U R  H A P P I N E S S  is reflected by the energy inside us, an optimistic outlook on life reflects the positive energy we are withholding on the inside. Our daily lives are the consequences to our actions, easy or hard, you will surely arrive where you would like to be. 

So whilst you’re sipping your Monday morning coffee, think about how you will start your week to carry that positive vibe with you, what would you like to achieve by the end of your week? And whilst you’re coming back to reality after your weekend you will see below I have included some ‘New Beginning’ quotes which I found and I’m reading whilst I drink my Monday morning coffee, there’s so much I would love to achieve and these beautiful quotes spur me to do so! 

Merry Miserable Monday ( just kidding ) 



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