2 ingredient, no fuss pancakes! 

Eggs. Bananas. 

That’s all you need for this recipe. (I know right!?) 

I loooove pancakes, I sometimes like to consider myself the pancake queen, however, most of my recipes involve sugar and flour and make mess, that I don’t make them so often, however these babies are super healthy, super tasty and hassle free! 

Recipe? To each banana used, double the amount of eggs. E.g. To make this wonderful stack of pancakes for Familia Moldovan I used 2 Bananas & 4 Eggs. Whip them into a blender, add half a teaspoon of cinnamon (optional). Put a non-stick pan on the fire, (one spray of my 1cal spray) if desired. And poor the eggy, banana batter on to make your pancakes at desired size! 

Garnishings all to personal taste, these pancakes were with a dab of peanut butter in between each one (which melted beautifully on the hot pancakes). Topped with chopped almonds, and generously drizzled with honey. Delicious! 




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