Eggmeal! – The egg & oatmeal breakfast. 

What’s like oatmeal but has a high amount of protein in it too? EGGMEAL! 

Yep, you heard me right, this morning I wasn’t in the mood to spend time making something fancy, at the same time I wasn’t in the mood for another bowl of oatmeal. (What was I in the mood for then? You ask.) Sooo after pondering for a while on what to eat, I decided upon scrambled eggs. But of course I needed some carbs to kick-Start my day after a sleepless night (have any of you guys heard of the 4 month sleep regression? Yeah well it sucks!!) 

So then I came up with the idea to add my usual scoop of oats into my scrambled egg, then why not some tomatoes and peppers too huh? 

Anyways, within five mins without even thinking I’d thrown in the pan chopped tomatoes, chopped red pepper. I whisked in a bowl one egg, a tablespoon of soya milk, water, oats, garlic granules. Poured this all in the pan, mixed it around a bit, sprinkled some smoked paprika and ground pepper on top, let it cook until all the water (from the tomatoes) had disappeared, tipped it into a bowl, added a teaspoon of 0.2% fat cream cheese on top, and that’s when I noticed, it didn’t look like scrambled eggs, yet it didn’t look like oatmeal. What had I just made? (actually that’s what my husband asked me), to which I simply replied eggmeal’. 

I’m not posting a specific recipe as the wonder of this breakfast dish is sooo many things can be changed (e.g. Egg whites no yellow, mushrooms, onions ‘omelet type foods’ to add, remove milk, change milk type, only water, different seasonings, the list is endless, yet D E L I C I O U S. 

Try it yourself for breakfast, it’s just great! 



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