Strawberries & Cream 

So the other day I made this amazing Nutella Cheesecake, yes, you read that correct! What was even better than that?  This cheesecake contained 0% fat cream cheese! I experimented a little whilst making this cheesecake and with no exaggeration I ended up making the best cheesecake I’ve ever tasted in my life. 

This cheesecake was an amazing consistency, with a melt in the mouth Nutella flavour… Just pure heaven. With something so delicious, and that tasted so great, I couldn’t just eat it like that. The love it took to make this cheesecake, the same amount of love it takes to serve and eat it too. So, my answer to that was strawberries & cream

My serving suggestion for Nutella cheesecake is some strawberries to accompany it, with some sweet liquid cream poured over, heaven in every mouthful! Accompanied by a glass of dry, red wine, need I describe further? Bitter and sweet, chocolatey and heavenly, red, creamy. You’ll never eat a Nutella cheesecake without strawberries & cream again, I promise . 🍓




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