Romance at the Gym. 

So the other day at 14 weeks post partum, finally fully recovered from my c-section and the surgery. I went and made a membership at a local gym close to my home: Gimmy. 
On this note I’d like everyone to know that I met my husband at exactly this gym, and the first words I ever exchanged with him was exactly in this reception area… I mean I said ‘ciao’ and he replied back with some kind of inaudible murmer (I hung onto that moment until the next time we spoke). 
Nothing much has changed, everything looks exactly the same, even the gym members are the same people who I met a few years ago, the receptionists, literally everything. My husband is still the same, standing there as he was a few years back, even my insane crush on him is the same (embarrassing I know). Except this time round, a few years later he’s standing in the gym lobby holding our beautiful 14 week old baby. 

It was a great feeling of nostalgia in an almost déjà vu sort of way, to be standing in that same reception with him after so long, except this time as his wife, with our baby. (The last time I was there I had just been a teenager with a crush on him, and in the end changed gyms due to this crush as I felt like passing out of embarrassment every time ‘he’ was at the gym at the same time as me.) 

Today is a cold, windy, dark and wet day over here in Cluj-Napoca, so I thought of sharing a little romantic highlight of my life with you. 
Take this as a small warning, be careful on who you have a crush on, and where, as you never know where you’ll be standing in a few years and with who! ❤️

Love, Mrs. Moldovan