21 Day Cardio Challenge – Day 21 

Wake up, feed my baby, pour my coffee with my eyes half closed, sit down, and that’s the moment I realize, the 21 Day Cardio Challenge is over! I have just weighed myself for the final weigh in of my challenge to start off this week. So let’s start firstly with my statistics from the beginning of this challenge. 

09.02.2015 – 53.5kg (117.9lbs) 

16.02.2015 – 52.5kg (115.7lbs) 

23.02.2015 – 52.0kg (114.6lbs) 

01.03.2015 – 51.5kg (113.5lbs)

As, you can see in the 21 days, I have lost 2kg exactly (4.4lbs) from doing just one hour of mild cardio a day. I had absolutely no calorie deficit during these 21days (in fact I think some days quite the opposite). And I still lost 2kg, in a fun, healthy way. To some of you this may not seem a lot, however, it cannot be stressed enough that this is the perfect amount of weight loss per week in order to keep it off. Unlike the effects of a quick ‘fad diet’ where weight is gained almost immediately after the diet is ceased. 

It’s fairly easy to conclude that with cleaner eating and a slight calorie deficit a bigger weight loss would be obtainable, if that’s what you’re aiming for. The results of this 21 day challenge shows that with minority of exercise (and I mean minority) no gym, no training, just walks with my baby, can make all the difference. 

N.b. For those who are aware I did a 5 day ‘cleanse’, this did not affect the results of my challenge in any way, as there was no calorie deficit present, in fact on more than one occasion during this period my calorie intake was higher than usual. 

The #21DayCardioChallenge is definitely something I’d do as a way of losing a few pounds without sweating it out at the gym, or going on grueling strict diets or any of the other things we’ve been known to do in order to lose some weight. 

As it’s Monday, I always like to start with a new idea, thought or goal in mind. Today I have such a simple but vital important goal to stick to, and that is pill popping. Just kidding! I mean to say vitamins, to have the correct balance of vitamins in your body helps with how you feel, vibrancy, energy and how you physically function as a whole. I am a culprit of always buying vitamins, but never actually taking them. So as of today, I’ve decided to absolutely make sure I take my vitamins every single day in order to keep me functioning and healthy as possible. As a new momma who is also exclusively breastfeeding, this is a must. For both baby and me. 

So from this week & onwards pill popping is a must every single morning. 

Have a great week all! XOX 

R. M. 

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