21 Day Cardio Challenge – Week 2 Update.

It’s Monday morning again, time to start the weekly routine again, the hustle and bustle of a Monday (as you can see, I don’t like Monday’s), however as a highlight, it’s also time for the week two weigh in.

So far my stats are as follows:

09.02.2015 – 53.5 kg (117.9lbs)
16.02.2015 – 52.5 kg (115.7lbs)
23.02.2015 – 52.0 kg (114.6lbs)

So, in week 2 I have lost EXACTLY half a kg (I don’t know how I keep managing to lose my weight to exact figures) 1/2kg is the exact equivalent of 1.1lb. This is still a great loss as this past week I wasn’t so good, and was a week full of eating all my Valentine’s Day chocolate (which I’m embarrassed to say is completely finished) and I still lost 1lb!

Yet again, the #21DayCardioChallenge has not failed me yet, but we shall see!

One more week remaining, go, go go!

Again I wish you a great start to your Monday morning in hope that it’s the lucky charm to a great week. This is how I’ve started my Monday, how do you like to start your Monday’s?

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