21 Day Cardio Challenge – Week 1 Update.

Short blog post on a Monday morning whilst I try to write this amongst the chaos of my baby crying, the start of a fresh week and getting a kick start to my Monday morning.

So after starting the 21 Day Cardio Challenge last week, here’s my stats for this week. 
09.02.2015 – 53.5kg (117.9lbs)
16.02.2015 – 52.5kg (115.7lbs) 
As you can see, after just the First Week I have lost 1kg, which is the equivalent exactly of 2.2lbs! And the perfect weight to lose in a week to keep it off too. 
This has been lost without changing absolutely anything in my diet, lifestyle etc. but purely by adding one hour of Cardio to my day instead. In whatever form that may be. Whether it’s a walk with the baby, intensive housework a shopping trip, but basically one hour a day of something extra that isn’t on your daily schedule for that day! 
Two more weeks of the #21DayCardioChallenge let’s go! 
In the meantime, try something new, kick start your Monday morning with a colorful plate on your table. 

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