The Sunday Valentines Hangover

Valentine’s Day – The day of the year when people exchange gifts, flowers, presents as a sign of love and appreciation towards one another. Some people hate it some people love it, I personally love this day, and here’s why… 

Firstly, the history of Valentines Day. How many of us actually know why we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well, truth being is…none of us do! And none of us ever will know. There are a few stories and research which has over the years led to rumours as to why we celebrate this day of love, all beautiful stories from one to another – and this to me brings magic to this oh so loving day. 
So, according to my research and as far as why we may celebrate this day, I have found that the Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints, named Valentine or Valentinus, all of who were martyred. 
– One legend believes that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome and when Emperor Claudius III decided single men made better soldiers than married men, with families, he outlawed marriage for young men. It is said the priest, Valentine, continued to perform marriages for young couples in secret, all in the name of love. – Little did anyone know that ‘Saint Valentine would become one of the most popular saints in England & France.
These love stories add so much romance and beauty to why we celebrate this day, and being a secret die hard romantic (well only sometimes) I find this so super cute and just one reason as to why I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 
Stories aside, even if there wasn’t a story, I think someone, somewhere along the line invented this day so that everyone in the world would stop for just one day of the year and really show, appreciate and shower love on the people who are important, who we care about and who we love. Many defy this and say it should be shown everyday, and of course I agree, people we love should be shown through small gestures every day how much we love them. But to take one day a year out specially in the name of love to show that person is really just a great excuse to be extra lovey on that day, and be super happy, as I’ve never heard of Valentine’s Day celebrations making anyone sad! Alongside that, all the big gestures many of us make specifically on Valentine’s Day would be physically and for many of us- financially impossible to do everyday, if we did so everyday, then love and appreciation would also lose its meaning… 
February 2015 was my first Valentine’s Day as a Wife & a Mother, and I can definitely say it was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve had yet. I was woken at midnight by my over excited husband so we could exchange presents, and as I have a baby boy too, I personally received a multitude of presents, from my two favorite boys, it was just like Christmas for me! And not just about the presents, but the amount of hysterical laughter and kisses and fun that came with opening them together in the middle of the night, it was just like being lovestruck lovers again! The rest of the day was spent relaxing, taking a walk, watching movies, until the evening when my husband cooked me the most amazing meal for me, and then spending time with my husband until we retired for the night. 
My husband is sincerely not just the person I love, but my lover, my best friend and my soul mate too, and it just felt great that we specifically had an excuse to set a day aside to be more in love than we usually are. Those of you who already know us, know that we’re still a cringy, lovey Dovey couple even though we’re married (contrary to the usual conception of what marriage does to a couple). 

That was my Valentine’s 2015, how did you celebrate yours? 

 – Tradition Red Lips for V Day! – 

Thank you to my husband for my presents and a wonderful day, I was a truly spoilt wife and mommy! 

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