21 Day Cardio Challenge- Mommy Version!

Where should I begin? Today I’m 8 weeks post partum after giving birth to my beautiful baby boy through an emergency Caesarian section, on top of that I had to have extra abdominal surgery due to certain complications at the time of birth!

As many mommas already know, having a new baby is chaos within itself, the first weeks are just a muddled rush of days, nights, nappies, feeding and learning to be a new parent. For many of us, workout, exercise, your usual routines just fly out the window! Especiall having a baby within the Christmas period! 
Let’s fast forward things, as I will most likely make other posts for my pregnancy and birthing experiences.. At 8 weeks post partum I still have not been given the get go to return to the gym, as I am still not fully healed from the operation and should be taking it easy until 12 weeks. Many of you who already know me will already guess that this drives me INSANE (let’s bear in mind that I’m the girl who worked out at the gym and was active until 38 weeks pregnant, then gave birth at 39). THEREFORE I have decided to do my generic 21 Day Cardio challenge, but adapt it to my new, non-gym, mommy lifestyle… What does that mean exactly? That means I will go for a walk with my son in the pram, every single day for 21 days and see what results I can obtain, both mentally and physically! 
From a pre challenge perspective I think it’s a great idea instead of going to the gym and leaving my son at home, when instead I can work out and spend time with him at the same time, but we’ll see what results it will bring! 
During these 21 days, I will not be changing anything in my diet whatsoever (I exclusively breastfeed, so dieting is off limits for now anyways). I am just intrigued to see if a tiny bit of cardio in the form of a walk without much other changes – dietary and lifestyle wise – can have an effect. 
I will post stats once a week, this will be on a Sunday. Sooo, my last weigh in was on Sunday 8th February, weighing in at: 
53.5kg this is also equal to 118lbs or 8st6
Join me on the 21 Day Cardio Challenge and let me know your results! 

Today I completed day 1, I can definitely tell you, especially with the snow, the one hour was definitely harder than some workouts I’ve done before! As they say, no pain, no gain. 

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