Sunday Funday – A day for family.

Sunday is usually a day for being lazy, lounging about the household, lie ins and eventually a venture out to the food court at the mall to buy some junk food for your well deserved cheat day (or maybe just to cure that Saturday night hangover).

Generally speaking that’s how most of our Sunday’s went when my family consisted of only me and my husband as family members, however, now with a new baby in the family, a Sunday lie in means an 8am start (in contrast to our sons usual 6am wake up call during weekdays). 
Being a very family orientated couple, pre and post baby, Sunday’s have always been about spending time together and catching up with one another. Moreover, we are quite an active family and especially interactive parents to our 7 week old baby boy, we take the opportunity after a super busy week to just do ‘family stuff’ together on the last day of the week – the best preparation for the chaotic Monday morning start which all of us are familiar with! 
Sooo, what was on the Moldovan family agenda this Sunday? Well over here in Romania, it’s snowing! With the perfect climate and temperature for the snow to settle, not to mention the beautiful, big white snowflakes which have been falling from the sky all day. Simply just made it the perfect climate and opportunity to catch some fresh air and take a walk, the cold air yet lack of wind made it an absolutely invigorating and refreshing experience… Doesn’t really sound like much you say? Just taking a walk in the snow,? However, it makes you feel so much healthier, emotionally, mentally and physically, whilst at the same is cheap (well free) and really gives you precious time with the family, that many of us -including me – don’t appreciate so much anymore! Walks with the family will definitely be something I’ll aim to try and do more in 2015! I totally suggest it! 

Anyways, enough about my walk and obsession with fresh air, the rest of Sunday was spent at home just doing general chores etc. around the house, until the evening where we dined at an amazing restaurant – Panoramic. Situated high, high up within the city I live in (Cluj-Napoca). You are able to see the whole of the city lit up at night and covered in snow, it really is a breathtaking sight. Accompanied by delicious food, fine wine and soft, sweet music in the background, one cannot complain!

So that’s how I ended my week, with my lovely little family who I adore, a great meal and a truly beautiful view! Another sweet Sunday. 
How do you like to spend your Sunday? 

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