Good morning and welcome to 2015!

A year has passed, the new year has come and gone, we are now into the middle of January 2015. 2015?! Many of us constantly ask where has time gone? To be honest I currently am asking myself the same question. From starting this blog in 2013 to it now arriving in 2015, a 180 degree change in my life, with no blog updates, however, seeing as I’m aiming on venturing into so many new things this year, I’ve decided to get back hardcore on the blogging! Yes, I did just really use that word!

Sooo, where to start? Firstly on updates, reintroduction, a day by day catch up into the life of a chocolate girl. How I’ve gone from a bodybuilding student to a mommy in just 2 years…Yes, that’s right! I’m a mommy to a beautiful 4 week old baby boy! Annnnd hopefully soon getting back into a post partum bodybuilding routine when I’ve been given the all clear! 
So keep a look out for all the catch up blogs and a belated Happy New Years from me and Baby Moldovan! 

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