Summer: To wear make up or not to wear make up?

So summer is here, well for me it feels like it is already as I am currently living in 30 degree conditions! Whilst all that is amazing, one thing which has come across my mind every year I’ve been on holiday etc. but now is my lifestyle is wearing make up in the summer….without it MELTING!!

I’ve noticed how a majority of girls seem to suffer the melting make up problem…me being one of them until I decided not to wear make up all together, however that wasn’t the best solution for me as sometimes I felt very ‘underdone’ when I’m out in the town and see girls looking prettier than me etc. So I decided to go the minimalist make up way and adapt my make up to the weather!

1. Eyeliner, can get smudgy when melt and the panda look is not the appealing look, hence I advise discarding eyeliner all together for the hot summer days, primarily because girls you will notice your eyelashes grom an immense amount in the summer and my advise is to maybe put a few layers of waterproof mascara on them which will give them a beautiful look! However if you feel like you can’t live without eyeliner, and you normally use pencil then the most advisable thing to do would be to switch to a liquid eyeliner.

2. Foundation, this is the worst thing to melt in the sun, it is probably best to switch to a tinted moisturiser but if you feel like you need the cover up of a foundation then it is best to switch to a water based foundation rather than a oil based, this way it won’t melt in the sun :-).

3. Lipsticks, lip gloss etc. These are the worst for getting sticky, smudgy and giving that awful look in the heat, however, there are lots of nice balms coming out that have hints of colour in them that look amazing!1 Which is what I have switched too, which in top of that conditions your lips and makes them beautiful at the same time, for example I have a gorgeous icing pink nivea lip balm, which is for sore lips, but you wouldn’t even guess it was lipstick with the way the colour shows!! 

Hope these three main tips help you maintain gorgeous and beautiful the more natural way this summer, without the melting situation ;-).

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