Overdue Blog Post

So haven’t posted in ages as I had a few crazy weeks of exams and work deadlines, so was working my ass off!

Anyways I have been going to the gym recently but not been doing any hardcore workouts…until today that is! I managed to get in there and do some crazy long overdue workout.

So just thought I’d post today’s workout on here for those who were interested, I shall also from today be keeping on track with my blog and posting about the things which you have been requesting. Have a great weekend!

10am -1.30pm

– 1 hour steel combat class
– Obliques 1 warm up set of 12kg reps x 12, 3 sets x 12reps of 14kg
– Stand up ab crunches 10kg 5sets x 12 reps
– hanging leg raises 3 sets x 10 reps
– abductor inner thighs 35kg 4sets x 12 reps
– abductor outer thighs 40kg 4sets x 12 reps
– total abdominal 15kg, 1 warm up set x 12 reps, 20kg 3 sets x 12 reps
– Bike: 10 mins, calories burnt 64, distance covered: 3.98 km
– 1 hour dance class

As you can see it was pretty intense and my obliques are absolutely killing me after all of that!! But it felt great at the end!!

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