#5 Studying in the EU & The Sunday Class

So a lot of people have asked me questions about how I’ve landed living in Romania after being born in England and living there for 19 years, so I have decided to answer these in a typical question and answer style! 

Question 1: How do you get into University in Romania? 
Well I had the advantage that my mum has a Romanian background, as she also studied Dentistry and lived here at my age, speaks the language fluently and still has many friends here to deal with all the necessary university admission interviews etc. etc. 
Applying to a university abroad will require a lot of research on whether the degree is identical and that of same value as to that you would achieve in England etc. After deciding on your uni, all uni’s will provide an online form which you have to fill in and so on and so forth. If you attain a place because you have the correct grades, they will be needing proof of this, and unlike in England the UCAS system doesn’t exist, so not everything is easy and documented online, therefore they will require all ORIGINAL certificates, passport proof, ID, and whatever else they need, they follow a very old fashioned system here where everything is completed by pen, paper and stamps, so I know many students (including myself) came to Romania to deal with all the legalities during the summer before they actually began university. 

Question 2: Was I a fluent Romanian speaker before I came here?
Well the answer is no, I could barely say thank you or please in Romanian at the beginning, however for nearly all foreign students it is compulsory to complete ‘Anul Pregatitor’…in literal translation Prepatory Year, where you spend the first year literally learning the language, and Romanian specialised for the subject you will be going into, as when you actually get into university it will be taught in Romania, now that’s something to think about as some people don’t want to waste yet another year in education! 

Question 3: Do I get funding and how are living costs?
To study abroad, you get absolutely NO funding from the UK, no student loans or anything, also every year of uni has to be paid upfront cash in hand, installment etc. do not exist over here, so pretty much my parents work their butts off to pay for my living and university and I also have a job. So if you are thinking of moving abroad it is essential to consider your financial requirements, however accommodation here is much cheaper than in UK and you can find a really nice apartment for yourself for around 300 Euros a month. This may seem daunting about the money aspects but on the plus side after university you will start your career life with absolutely no debts which is a great prospect I look forward to enjoying. 

Those I think were the main three questions, I shall take a look at my mail and answer any further ones sometime during the week as it is an early night for me I have a week of exams ahead of me starting from tomorrow! 

Today’s workout: Well I didn’t even enter the gym but early on a Sunday Easter morning I decided to dedicate myself and did a Tae Bo class, alongside a Body Sculpture class (Both of which were killers) plus Sunday was supposed to be another ‘rest day’ in the workout, however from tomorrow I’m starting an intense workout, which I am excited to start but also will probably regret being excited after I’ve started it, apart from that hope all you guys had a great weekend! And have a great week ahead of you! 

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