The boring Saturday blog

So today I worked the whole day and I’m incredibly tired.. so another short blog post for tonight but I promise that all those who requested me certain blog post titles/advice etc I will get started on them tomorrow!  :)))
In regards to my workout today it was actually rest day for me so I just did one fitball dance class (comprises of minimum cardio,  and mostly toning and stretching of the body!) which is good because normally on rest days I don’t usually do any form of exercise!  But just needed something today to ease the sore body from this week’s workout and to get some energy for the rest of my long working day. 
For the girls who asked my calorie consumption today was 1800! From Monday I will be starting a food diary to help with that 🙂
Exception of that have a great Saturday night to you all and a Happy Easter!!! As I live in Romania now our Easter is actually in May which is quite weird! Romania is an orthodox Christian country… so I guess another blog post will be needed to explain that one!
Oh also.. I have just remembered whilst typing this a calorie deficit is essential in losing weight so girls please at some point this week before you start your workouts etc. go about your normal day with your eating and record your calories for that day including beverages (so basically a one day food diary) and mail me so we can go from there…alternatively you can send me a message on facebook those who have my facebook! 
Anyways that’s it for today have a great Saturday night and look forward to hearing from you girlies soon!  :)))))

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