#3 Weights vs. Cardio and meal of the day!

It’s 11.30pm here and I have just got back from an intense gym session tonight, I’m slightly tired but still wanted to update this, so whilst I am still in the ‘gym frame of mind’ thought I’d put a little bit out there on how weight training can be incredibly effective! So most girls out there, (including me until I recently started bodybuilding), have the impression that weights make you ‘bulky’ and that we should as girls be sticking to cardio…well the good thing about this perception is that it’s a total myth!!
Cardio is great for metabolic burning of fat, however if you are doing a certain amount of cardio a day then your body gets use to it, and the ability to burn the fat at this rate decreases. Whilst cardio should be incorporated into your weekly workout, to get the lean body, whilst building muscle AND burning fat at the same time, it is essential to do weights! This is a totally hard concept to take in and digest, it took me a long time too but since I have started doing so I have seen the changes in just a week.
Weight training mixed with interval training, short circuit repetitions of the same exercise, burn the fat, whilst keeping the muscle, giving you the leanest effect possible from any type of exercise, at the same time, once your workout is complete, your body is burning more fat post workout, than it is after even extensive cardio.
Fact of the matter is girls, that we don’t have enough testosterone to build the muscle of what we see in the men at the gym. Therefore it is safe to come tot he conclusion that weights, plus a calorie deficit in our diet and a quarter of the cardio we would normally do, will give us exactly the results we hope for! I have been ‘bodybuilding’ as such merely just over a week and I can already see such a big difference!
So lift those weights girls!!!!

Anyways, workout for today was a dance lesson, which substituted for my cardio.
3 sets of crunches with 20 reps.
Dumbbell side bends
Reverse crunches
Hanging leg raises
Torso Twist

As you can guess my abs are now in agony!!

And last but not least, my meal of the day…which tasted amazing, and is pretty much pure protein so very healthy..

Grilled chicken breasts (grilled in a teaspoon of garlic oil)
Herbs and spices (as you prefer)
Grated hard boiled egg yolk (I only eat the egg whites for breakfast and always have the egg yolks left over so like to use them)
And grated LIGHT cascaval cheese (Not sure what the name of this cheese is in English, but it is extremely similiar to cheddar, so I suggest grating any type of cheese of your preference on top, as only a small amount is needed)
So here is a picture of my meal of the day, and I think that’s all for today!

2 thoughts on “#3 Weights vs. Cardio and meal of the day!

  1. Haha! I love all these questions, you're probably becoming my main inspiration for my blog!
    Well my calorie intake varies hugely depending on how much I work out, plus how busy I am (which is not the healthiest) but varies somewhere between 1400-1700 for the moment, I will be upping my calorie intake soon though!
    I do indeed have a cheat day…or as I like to call it a 'binge day' usually it's Sundays, I think that's because I'm working from home that day and have unlimited access to my fridge…and I eat a lot and whatever I want…lately that doesn't really include junk food or chocolate so much as I'm beginning to see less and less of that stuff in my apartment! But on those days I'm usually consuming 2000-3000 calories (which is over) however as a teen I pretty much ate this much naturally so my body is used to it…I have also noticed doing this once a week is great for my metabolism! As it almost 'tricks' my body into thinking I'm starting to eat a lot..hence I never reach a plateu with my weight…so I totally advise like one cheat day a week!!
    Currently lifting very tiny weights…on the upper body and abs, don't have so much strength left, on the legs around 40kg or so, if you want I can start adding my weights to the workout routines on here if that's any help! :)))


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