#2 Frozen Yogurt vs. Ice Cream

Ice cream is probably the most amazing type of food, on hot days, on cold days, on emotional eating days, ice cream can always make you feel better, I guess a immense consumption would also make you feel fatter. So lately the new craze has been (I personally think aimed towards girls) is frozen yogurt in the replacement of Ice Cream as it is healthier, doesn’t make you as fat blah blah blah.
After tasting this ‘frozen yogurt and buying it because I was trying to be healthy (I sometimes go through crazy health phases, I kind of decided that ice cream was just simply better…However, a week a go, me and my boy started working out and bodybuilding which meant that in turn we changed our diet also, so the big question, what to eat as a snack when watching horror movies at night time??
The answer to that was in contradiction to what I just said…Frozen Yogurt!!! But not the specially made and bought ‘Frozen Yogurt’ but simply…just Normal Yogurt…Frozen.
It’s pretty simple, before a workout put a pot of yogurt in the fridge, (my personal favorite is muller) go to the gym, come home about 2.5/3 hours later, take your yogurt out the fridge and it is probably the creamiest and most amazing thing to eat in the world, and somehow tastes even sweeter than just eating yogurt!! On top of that I drizzle honey which coagulates on the almost frozen yogurt, and then add nuts, pecans, pistachios, almonds to the mix. I will probably never eat ice cream again after eating this stuff every single night the past week- post workout. (Although I eat it during the day too-it just gets so addictive).
Please Note: You leave your yogurt longer then 3-4 hours ish, it crystalises and your frozen yogurt/imitation of, but better than ice cream will probably not give you the same satisfying eating experience.
The last benefit for girls reading this is it is waaaay less fattening than ice cream, so you can pretty much eat without worrying about the calories, I usually eat a 350g tub every night!!

And for those who wanted my workout: Day 2, which I will be completing tonight:
20 mins cardio
Squats – 1 Set, 20-30 reps
Dumbbell lunges, 1 set 15 reps per side
Standing Calf Raise, 1 set, 30-50 reps
Weighted Reverse Crunches, 1 set, 30-50 reps

NB. This counts as ONE circuit, to complete the workout, I will be repeating this circuit 3 times 🙂
Pictures are Monday 18/03/2013, the second Monday 25/03/2013. Will most likely add a picture every Monday to see the changes.

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