My Start to Blogging.

BLOG #1 Why have I started a blog?

So I have probably one of the busiest lives for a 19 year old student, alongside this I have many questions/theories and interests in nearly every part of life…
I contemplated starting a diary, to let all these thoughts and theories out, alongside my daily life (which is probably not so interesting) but that wouldn’t get me an insight from the rest of the people in the world, so I then contemplated fb status’ing some of the thoughts, but that concerns mainly friends, and people who don’t take this type of stuff too seriously. I think over a million and one people have told me over the past few years that I should start my own blog, but I guess I never had the confidence to do so, in the fear a school friend or something may find it, so today I made a change about that one.

 I guess I’m going to go with the thought of ‘be yourself, and be true to yourself’…but I also guess that topic will be a totally different blog from now!

I think personally there are a million synonyms to ‘me, myself and I’ and a million different sides to me…sooo, I started a blog.

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